Our Farm Partners

Groundswell Farms

Community Supported Agriculture

Groundswell farm is a Community Supported Agriculture farm.

We have been a Certified Organic farm since 2009.

Groundswell was founded in 2006 by Katie Brandt and Anna Hoekstra in Zeeland, Michigan.

2009 was Anna’s last year and Tom Cary joined the farm in 2010.

One of our GR Dining Co-opers, Jamie Zimmerman, works on the farm

and picks up our weekly share every Wednesday evening.

So Thursday is a great day (just ONE of many) to eat with us. 🙂

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, connects farm  with people who want to eat the freshest, local produce in season. It works like a cooperative—you buy a share of the season’s produce and get a variety of vegetables over the course of the summer. Joining a CSA lets you reconnect with the roots of the food you eat; you know exactly how your
food is tended. You might even help to plant or harvest some of your food as a volunteer. Since Groundswell Community Farm uses organic methods, you are protecting the local environment. This environment includes the Black River, a tributary of Lake Macatawa, which flows less than 20 feet from the farm. We welcome you to visit the farm, whether you are helping in the harvesting or just enjoying the scenery.

Eating with the Seasons 

By sharing in the abundance of the farm, you are also sharing in the risk. The weather always favors some crops even as others suffer. For example, there may be a bumper crop of something you hate in the same year that your favorite crop fails. Expect the unexpected.

You will soon learn the nuances of seasonal flavor. The menu in early June is heavy on greens, while September offers a bounty of tomatoes.

For more information about Groundswell Farms please visit: http://www.groundswellfarm.org/index.html


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